Saturday, January 15, 2011

Onion prices still sky high

It's been quite a while since onion prices hit high prices. Still there seems to be no respite as the prices still hover well above the common man's reach. At the food court in my workplace, I was surprised to see biriyani without a single slice of onion. The main side dish for biriyani, raitha (diced onion soaked in curd with some salt) was all curd and cucumber, but no sign of onion. It looks like it will more time than expected to see the beloved onion back in the dishes.

Though some might ridicule me but I've always been amused by how some people have the talent to chop onions very finely. I found a video to just find out how it is done. Check this out if you want to know about the 'Fine cut' of onions for your cuisine. 

And here is my cartoon that I drew recently. Hope you like it...and if you do, or even if you don't, please do leave your comments. Thanks a ton!!

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  1. Good one Venky, as always humour and message in your cartoon. I like the idea of a security guard for the Onions... I remember last time Onions went sky high and the government came crumbling down... is the history going to repeat itself LOL

  2. Thanks Imtiaz! When did this govt crumbling happen? lets see what happens this time. :-)

  3. Yeah Onion prices was the main reason for the Janata Party Government collapse in 1980 and Congress came back to power... remember ?

  4. Oh is it? I'm pretty bad at tracking political events. Hmmm...then we need to see what happens this time :)